The City of Foristell is happy
to announce the return of City
Paid Trash Service! City Paid
Trash Collection Starts
July 1, 2016. Trash Collection
Paid by the City of Foristell
will begin on July 1, 2016.
Grace Hauling is contracted
with the City. The same
service will be provided
that you currently have with
an additional bulk pick-up
scheduled for the spring of
2017. To qualify for this
service you must meet the
following qualifications
listed below:  

• Live within the City limits
of Foristell

• Must be paid in full with
Grace Hauling

• Anyone currently past due
will not receive city free
service until Grace Hauling
is paid in full.

• Should you have any
questions with your current
status please call Grace

Phone: 636-398-8060